June 30, 2009

Junction Magazine

Junction magazine is a magazine for and made my the students of the Art Institute of California- San Diego. I designed a section of travel spreads and content page.

DVD Package

DVD package for Sci-Fi movie lovers; the Sci-Fi crowd responds to science fiction, futuristic, animation, make-ups, and special effects.

Quantas Ad

Target domestic travelers in Australia, Australian who lives in outback. The red represent familiarity of red dirt.

Caseata Boutique Hotel

Caseata is a hotel located in Southern part of Thailand. The theme of the hotel incorporates the city of the fishing village, Hua Hin, where the hotel is located. Target audience would be families with two or more children, and families who live in the city and want a close get away from city life. There's logo, travel brochure, bathroom kit, and room key holder.

Botanical Garden invitation Card

An invitation for 75th Anniversary of Chicago Botanical Garden. Designed to target housewives who are interested in gardening.

Packaging for Mae Ploy Curry Kit

A cooking kit designed to be a gift for those who love to cook or experience new type of authentic foods.

Packaging for Chan.ta.boon Rice Noodles

The package is meant to target upper scale audience, and is design to convey stability and freshness.

V8 advertisements

Target those who don't like eating vegetables, but still like V8 100% fruit and vegetable juice. The ads are meant to influence single mothers who want all the nutrition for their children, but have no time to cook.

April 5, 2009

Forecast Today

here is another one that i submitted to billabong's love project t-shirt design :)

you're my sunshine!

here is a design i submitted billabong t-shit design called love project. hopu you like it! :)

April 4, 2009

magazine layout

images credit: deviantart.com users: http://p0rg.deviantart.com/art/This-Chosen-Tree-64313089 http://elifkarakoc.deviantart.com/art/Tree-55815660 http://curlytops.deviantart.com/art/travellin-light-52345126

guiness world record

A poster design for people who like to go to circus, and are interested in amazing facts and oddities of humanity. The ad would be published in travel or entertainment type of magazines.

how to make coconut ice cream illustation

quantas airline logo

here is the logo for Australia's Quantas Airline. It's Sydney Opera House with one of the wing shape like a tail of the airplane.

pocket clothes logo

here is a logo for baby clothes company, Pocket Clothes. It's a combination of baby rattle (represent baby), and a spool of thread (represent clothes)

dolphin cruise logo

here is the corporate logo for dolphin cruise.

citka- citrus vodka logo

agrume citrus vodka logo

elixir citrus vodka logo

cake walk- gourmet confections logo

here is a logo project for cake walk- gourmet confections.

Cake Walk an independent shop that started at home and grew in
popularity. They create artwork in the form of wedding cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other high-end confections. The founders are dedicated to creating pure decadence and to selling their handmade wares in an environment that brings back the concept of the neighborhood bakery. it's a kind of dessert restaurant like Le Notre.

The target audience is everyone from ordinary people to celebrities throwing lavish
parties that want unique handcrafted products to serve to their guests.


This is the project where I had to gather the information about certain topic and create graph/chart/diagram with the information. The topic I picked is travel. I created a survey and had a hundred people complete it for me. Then I created a PDF book out of it.

(above) here is the cover of the book

(above) main menu to different page of the information

(above) here is the page show the diagram of how many people from the survey had traveled outside their native country. The planes represent people who have, and the houses are the people who haven't.

(above) here, shows how many people want to go to these places in the diagram.

(above) here is the last page of the book and it shows who would surveyors travel with. all the dots represent hoe many people for each choice.

history of pirate poster

Magazine spread

Magazine spreads for Food network magazine which target individual who like to consume fresh and healthy food.

children of men

Here is a movie poster for Children of Men.

cabrillo poster

This is one of my first projects from school. It's a Cabrillo music festival poster. For this poster I played with the typography and hierarchy, what's more important as far as the information of the festival rather than the illustration. :)